Core curriculum for PreK through 5th grades:

  • Language arts, math, science, and history

  • Language arts emphasis on phonics, reading, writing, and spelling skills 

  • A Beka curriculum supplemented by programs including Saxon Math, IXL math, science labs, chapel, visual arts, foreign language, music, chorus, physical education, technology, and off-campus learning excursions 



Before and after school care program:

  • Begins at 7:00 am each day in the cafeteria

  • Ends at 5:30 pm each day

  • Provides supervised activities and homework time 

  • After school care is grouped by age for age-appropriate resources and activities.  


Curriculum focus on core subject 

  • English/Language arts, writing, math, science, and history

  • Supplemented with religion, technology, physical education, health, and foreign languages

  • Comprehensive elective options from performing arts to STEM labs 

  • Opportunity to attend various museums, government facilities, and hands-on off-campus learning experiences 

  • Reduced teacher to student ratios allows for personalized instruction and active engaged learning


Reflects a college preparatory curriculum in a Christian environment

  • Honors options for English, math, science, and social sciences

  • Additional required core credits in foreign language, religion, technology, and physical education 

  • AP and college courses to challenge advanced students 

  • Modified block schedule allows focus in interest area

  • Comprehensive elective options

  • Required SAT/ACT preparatory course

  • PSAT testing for sophomores

  • ASVAB testing for juniors

  • SAT for juniors and seniors 

  • ACT for juniors and seniors