Technology Tuesday

Faculty, parents, and students are always looking for ways to better manage taking notes and studying. This series of posts will help shed light on easier ways for our middle and high school students to use technology to help facilitate easier note taking and studying.


Evernote is a web-based note taking product that includes cloud-based storage. What does that mean for you (the user)?

Users are able to create notebooks in Evernote that are accessible with any internet connection. Evernote also has apps for iOS (Apple iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. The notebooks allow users to organize typed notes by subject. Users can tag (use keywords) notes, add audio, add pictures, and more. Set reminders such as your test dates and automatically be alerted when an important date is approaching.

Once notes are added to notebooks, the app Evernote Peek, can be used to create flashcards from user notes making studying more efficient.

Planning to use Evernote on your home PC or Mac? Try the Chrome extension that allows you to tap right into your notes. Then, add the Evernote Web Clipper to save pictures and text from other websites for research.

Lastly, advanced users may want to try IFTTT which allows users to set up recipes to automate items like moving emails with subject lines of ___ into Evernote.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Technology Tuesday!


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