Development Committee Update

The Development Committee at Cape Fear Christian Academy works to ensure the sustainment of the Academy through annual giving, fundraisers, and event coordination. The Academy depends upon the success of the annual giving and fundraisers to meet budget each year; therefore, it is important for parents, grandparents, friends, and supporters of the Academy to be aware of the needs and the plans for the upcoming year to ensure a successful year.

The list of fundraisers for the upcoming academic year was compiled based upon feedback from parents and stakeholders of the Academy provided in the survey given at the end of the 2013-2014 academic year. The more successful fundraisers were kept and additional planning put forth.

For the 2014-2015 academic year the Development Committee will chair five fundraisers for the Academy (the dates and goals for each are provided):

  • The Eagle Card (late August 2014) Goal: Sell 1,100 Eagle Cards

  • The Annual Fall Festival (October 3, 2014) Goal: Match or exceed prior year gross of $28,000; 15 event sponsors; 2 Volunteer Fundraiser Chairs

  • The Annual BBQ Plate Sale (January 23, 2015) (Also Homecoming & Game Day & Student Performance) Goal: Sell 1,342 BBQ Plates; 20 dessert donations; 2 Volunteer Fundraiser Chairs

  • The Annual Reverse Raffle "Pre-Derby Gala" (April 18, 2015) Goal: Sell 245 Reverse Raffle tickets (2 dinners included) and 100 additional plates; 5 event sponsors; 15 door prize donations; 2 Volunteer Fundraiser Chairs

  • The Annual Isaiah 40:31 5K "Lei Day" Race (May 2, 2015) Goal: 208 race participants; 15 race sponsors; 3 tent water stations w/ volunteers; 2 Volunteer Fundraiser Chairs

During our annual open houses, each family will be provided the opportunity to volunteer to help coordinate for one of our fundraising events or serve on other committees within the Academy. Your prayers and participation help to ensure our success.

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