Gym Progress: In Time

In the Bible, God made a promise to Abraham at the age of 75. He didn't give timelines or how the promise would happen. He just gave His Word. Abraham and Sarah waited over 25 years for that promise to be fulfilled. Although progress was being made, sometimes Abraham and Sarah felt that they would never have their own son. Waiting was difficult and many sacrifices had to be made. During this time, God blessed them in many ways before the promise was fulfilled.

Waiting on progress can seem fruitless but when we think about those that have had to wait much longer than Cape Fear Christian Academy, we must count our blessings and be grateful for the wonderful reserve that was provided to begin the restoration of our gym and worship facility, originally built in 1970-71. The recent anonymous donation provided was sufficient to repair the roof and a portion of the outside of the building that was contributing to further damage on the interior of the gym.


Although it may seem as if renovating a gym is a priority item that might fall lower on a list of to-do items; the gym serves a vital role in fulfilling the mission of Cape Fear Christian Academy. As the main worship, outreach, and performance area for students, faculty, and staff at Cape Fear Christian Academy (in addition to the obvious athletic utilization), the gym provides of place for students to gather in fellowship both inside and outside of school hours. Students are provided opportunities for community outreach, mission, and service within the boundaries of these gym walls while families in the community are provided opportunities for family friendly activities.

Providing funds to renovate this facility may not be glamorous or flashy, but the funds will be providing a facility that will forever be an integral part of the Harnett County community. We may not know where the funds will arrive from to help us meet this promise to continue to serve the Christian education needs of the community, but we will remain faithful that He will provide the way.

Help Cape Fear Christian Academy by contributing a gift to the renovation of our worship, outreach, and athletic facility; please email or or call 910-897-5423 to coordinate your gift. Your gift, prayers, and support will help Cape Fear Christian Academy continue to serve others during our next 45 years of service.

Planned Needs

General Needs: Bleachers, floor, air conditioning unit and ductwork, paint, lighting Worship Needs: Portable stage, wall curtains, 2 high lumen projectors, 2 large pull down screens

Athletic/Booster Needs: Expanded food prep area for community outreach and athletic events

Donations and gifts to Cape Fear Christian Academy (a non-profit organization) are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by the IRS.

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