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As part of the continuous process of improvement involved in providing the best education for your children, Cape Fear Christian Academy seeks to compile data on student performance as well as peer performance. The cycle of improvement can only occur when data is collected and analyzed, observations on possible changes needed are researched, changes are made based upon solid research including other non-reported factors, and again collecting data to begin the cycle anew each year.

In the figures below, the average ACT score from the 2013-2014 academic year at Cape Fear Christian Academy is compared to the state of North Carolina average score and the 2012-2013 average ACT score from Cape Fear Christian Academy is compared to the state, county, and local schools. The ACT is a more comprehensive assessment that measures science and math as well as reading and English; whereas, the SAT more narrowly focuses on reading, writing, and math.

As we review these figures, questions such as what is allowing our students to have such a strong foundation in English, language, and reading and how can we continue to give our students a competitive advantage in math and science are discussed.

What parents can be confident about is Cape Fear Christian Academy is committed to academic excellence and rigor in a Christ-centered college preparatory environment to ensure that each child has the opportunity to pursue their goals. Cape Fear Christian Academy is committed to nurturing students to become spiritually mature Christians and instilling confidence through leadership and mission opportunities. Cape Fear Christian Academy is committed to being parents' first choice in Christian education and academic rigor.

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Note: ACT data for Harnett County and local high schools has not been released for 2013-2014 academic year.

Prior year data for 2012-2013 Academic Year:

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Data obtained from:

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