Tutor Tuesday: A Little Color

Continue polishing those study skills by investing in a little color.

The next 3 steps to improving your study habits include:

  • Use a little color (highlighters or colored pens) to take notes and keep them organized. Used colored flags to match the topics in your textbook to your notes. Or if you are using the iPad, use the convenient features in iBooks to change the color of your highlighting and take notes based on your color scheme.

  • Take your color to a quiet spot that allows you to get into a productive study zone. Some folks need complete silence, while others might prefer music or even the outdoors.

  • Review the syllabus, outline, and schedule for the class and plan early on how you will accomplish the tasks with out getting behind. Don't just write the due dates, but plan out the time you will need to get an outline, rough draft, and final draft leaving time for edits. Time management is one of the most difficult skills to accomplish.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 7.42.00 PM.png

*Image by Stephanie Jules, College Candy

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