August 13, 2020 Parent Letter

To: CFCA Families

From: CFCA Covid-19 Committee

Re: CFCA 2020-2021 Operational Plans considering Covid-19

Since mid-June, the CFCA Covid-19 committee has distributed six letters to CFCA families regarding 2020-2021 school operations given ongoing challenges with the novel coronavirus. The following is a compilation of the critical details from those communications. We felt it would be helpful to CFCA families to have a single reference document with this information. Please note that a new item addressed in this document is the use of school vehicles – specifically, in the section entitled “School Vehicles” and the final bullet in the “Face Coverings” section.


All CFCA families will have a choice of beginning the year with traditional on-campus learning or with real-time remote learning, the latter being an option that the school intends to make available to families throughout the school year. The remote learning option is being offered to accommodate families who have health safety concerns regarding instruction and activities on campus.

Whether your family chooses on-campus instruction or the remote learning option, the Academy is committed to providing an effective academic program for all students.

An election to begin the year in the remote learning mode is not a permanent commitment, but a choice to remain a digital part of the classroom for each 4 ½ week grading period. If a family determines at the end of the grading period they would like to change their commitment, they must email the Head of School at Students in the remote learning mode are not to visit campus without approval of the Head of School.

Please keep the following due dates in mind for ongoing mode change notifications: 8/3/20, 9/18/20, 10/23/20, 12/4/20, and 1/22/21. Special circumstances regarding remote learning elections may arise this year and these circumstances will be thoughtfully considered by the school’s leadership when they do.


Students who are remote learning will meet with their classes and teachers but will do so online. Each class will be synchronous/live via video conferencing using the Google Meet platform. Students at home will meet virtually, in “real-time” with the teacher and class for direct teaching from 7:40-2:20 for Lower School, and 8:15-3:00 for Fifth Grade, Middle, and Upper School. The students will work in varying formats using various platforms such as Google Docs, Schoology, Khan Academy, No Red Ink, etc.

In all grades, each class will have classwork and homework expectations. All students, including remote learners, are expected to complete classwork and homework assignments and must submit their work on time unless excused, in writing, by a medical practitioner.

Important objectives the Academy established for this academic year include:

  • maximizing the similarity between on-campus and remote instruction,

  • reducing the course load for middle and upper students using a block schedule to reduce stress,

  • maintaining the educational goals, rigor, and instructional time per week in each class,

  • and providing equitable access to tutoring services for on-campus and remote instruction

The roles and responsibilities of parents with remote learning students include:

  • defining the physical space for your child for remote learning,

  • beginning and ending each day with a check-in with your child,

  • ensuring that your child is present each day for their live class(es),

  • taking an active role in helping your child process their learning, and

  • establishing routines and expectations (including the use of a planner).

The roles and responsibilities of remote learning students include:

  • identifying a quiet space for learning,

  • establishing a daily routine (7:40 start time lower; 8:15 start time middle/upper),

  • regularly monitoring email to check for announcements including each morning before beginning,

  • daily logging into Google Classroom and reviewing assignments

  • completing assignments with integrity and academic honesty, following the Academy’s Honor Code,

  • meeting timelines, commitments, and due dates,

  • complying with the Academy’s Acceptable Use Policy,

  • actively communicating with teachers and staff at the Academy should the need arise,

  • and fulfilling all Google Meet expectations.


  • entered agreement with Jan-Pro, an established commercial cleaning & disinfecting company

  • Jan-Pro will conduct extensive cleaning and disinfecting inside our buildings just prior to the start of school

  • Jan-Pro will perform nightly cleaning and disinfecting on campus, after each school day

  • our staff will also disinfect our bathrooms twice daily during the school day

  • school vehicles will be disinfected between trips and sealed to indicate status to next operator

  • in the event of a COVID-19 case on campus, affected building will be vacated and Jan-Pro will disinfect it with their EnviroShield system

  • persistent cleaning will occur on campus, including the disinfecting of student desks and commonly touched surfaces in classrooms throughout school day by faculty, staff and students

  • all of the above will be in addition to the ongoing cleaning and disinfecting efforts the school has been and will continue to undertake


The following two-layer student group separation plan will be in place on campus as we begin the academic year on campus:

Layer #1 – the campus will be physically divided into 3 to 4 zones

  • each student will be assigned and restricted to that zone

  • each student will be provided a daily, color-coded, disposable wrist band matched to their zone to help staff recognize whenever a student is not in their designated zone; band colors/shades will change daily

  • temporary posts and roping will be installed on campus to help define the physical zones and as a helpful reminder tool for students of where to be and where not to be

Layer #2 – all students will be assigned to a “cohort” group

  • a cohort will be mainly comprised of a group of students who spend their day together – for example, students who are in the same classroom for instruction would be in the same cohort


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE – while we are working diligently to utilize our modest facility best to foster social distancing on campus, our families who plan for their students to return to on-campus instruction must do so with the full understanding of the health risks associated with COVID-19 and that 6 feet social distancing, particularly in our classrooms but throughout campus, will not be feasible in many instances.

  • classrooms will be arranged to provide as much distance as possible between individuals

  • scheduling in grades K through 5 will allow for students to remain with one group of peers, and opportunities for cross-interaction will be limited

  • outside fields and playgrounds will be used when weather permits

  • opportunities for physical exercise is a must for younger students; recess will operate on static schedules with only one classroom in a designated space at a time


  • all should be advised that the plan noted below is subject to change

  • VERY IMPORTANT NOTE - parents and guardians are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that students have a face covering with them when they arrive at school each day

  • until further notice, face coverings must be worn by all CFCA students when outside of their classrooms and moving about campus during the school day (the exception being during lunch/snack time, and recess/gym with their cohort group) – examples include during class changes, when in hallways and when in locker rooms and bathrooms

  • lower school students will not be required at this time to wear face coverings during instruction in their assigned classroom or while enjoying recess with their designated cohort group

  • middle and upper school students will be required to wear face coverings during the school day when social distancing cannot be achieved when completing close-proximity group assignments with fellow students and at the request of individual teachers during classroom instruction


A mandatory health screening process will occur each morning, and if necessary, throughout the school day. A simple symptom & exposure survey will be asked of every staff member, student, and campus visitor; (note - students & staff will complete a mobile device app before arrival on campus).

Temperature checks of staff members, students, and campus visitors will be performed daily upon arrival. Assigned staff with proper PPE will perform the temperature checks and students will receive a disposable armband each day upon successful completion of the screening process (note that any temperature under 100.4 will be considered a successful temperature check). Armbands are color-coded to the campus zone to which a student is assigned.

Below is a list of check-in and screening details:

Students will:

  • wash their hands regularly,

  • wear a face-covering during the screening process,

  • exit the car and walk to the appropriate (zone color) screening tent. (see attached)

Parents will:

  • complete the symptom screening questionnaire on the Academy’s Health Screening App before departing for school each morning (instructional memo to be distributed soon),

  • keep student(s) home if ill or displaying symptoms such as fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle/body aches, loss of taste or smell, headaches, sore throat, nausea or vomiting, or diarrhea,

  • keep student(s) home if anyone in their household or close contact has tested positive for or been diagnosed with COVID-19,

  • remain in their car on campus until the temperature and symptom screening process is completed for their child.

If a child fails any portion of the temperature/symptom check screening, the parent or guardian will be asked to pull into a parking space to determine the appropriate response.

If a child experiences any of the above symptoms during the school day, we will isolate the student quickly, but they will need to be picked up from the Academy as promptly as possible.

If a child experiences any of the above symptoms, it is safer to stay home while learning remotely to protect others on campus.


*Please note schedule changes in Ms. Parker’s Welcome letter for the first week of school.


  • Lower School (pre-k - 4) day will begin at 7:40 a.m.; students can arrive on campus at 7:15 a.m.; students will depart campus by 2:20 p.m. (unless students are waiting for middle/upper school siblings)

  • Middle/Upper School (5-12) day will begin at 8:15 a.m.; students can arrive on campus at 7:15 a.m.; students will depart campus by 3:00 p.m. unless participating in extracurricular activities (athletics, tutoring, etc.)


Drop Off:

  • the right lane closest to the buildings will be used for Lower School; drop off will occur from 7:15-7:40 a.m.

  • the left outer lane will be used for middle and upper school students; drop off will occur from 7:15-8:10 a.m.

  • Pre-School / Kindergarten will drop off in the parking lot adjacent to and to the right of the Pre-School / Kindergarten building; drop off will occur from 7:15-7:40 a.m.

  • parents will drive through the lot to the student’s assigned temperature & symptom check station (tent)

  • parents must remain in the car and wait until their child has cleared the temperature & symptom check

Pick Up:

  • the right lane closest to the building will be used for pick up

  • the left outer lane should be utilized to pass once your child is safely in your car

  • Lower School students will be permitted to wait in their classroom if waiting on a middle/upper school sibling.

Student Drivers:

  • will drop off and wait for siblings to be temperature/symptom checked during morning carpool

  • must check-in for temperature/symptom screening at the Upper School station (tent)

  • will park in Station 1-5 parking space, and call the front office to check-in after 8:15 a.m.

  • will park in their designated, assigned parking lot


Student Drivers who desire to check-in, and parents who desire to check-in or check-out their children outside of regular drop off or pick up times must do the following:

  • park in the designated Stations 1-5 marked in front of the school,

  • call the front office at (910) 897-5423 and indicate the marked Station number, and

  • remain in place until front office personnel will come to the vehicle.


  • effective 8/19/20, access to the Academy will be restricted to only Academy staff, administrators, students, and approved essential service providers

  • the obvious exception will be parents and guardians dropping off and picking up students each school day; in those cases, parents and guardians are to remain inside their vehicles in the assigned drop-off and pick up areas


  • special notices and signs will be installed throughout campus

  • helpful “reminder” examples include: frequently wash and sanitize hands (there will be hand sanitation stations throughout campus), always cover your cough or sneeze, be mindful of distancing as much as possible

  • additionally, directional signs will help indicate: where to go and not go, assigned temperature/symptom check stations, different student group zones (ropes and signs) and designated parking areas for late check-in and early check-out


  • grades K4 and K5 will eat in the cafeteria or on the steps of the Kindergarten building

  • grades 1-5 grade will eat in classrooms or at the picnic tables on the playground (weather permitting)

  • grades 6-8 will eat in classrooms or at picnic tables near the soccer field area (weather permitting)

  • grades 9 -12 will eat in classrooms or at picnic tables adjacent to the upper school building (weather permitting)

  • seating arrangements will be designed with social distancing in mind, while still allowing students the positive social experience to interact with peers

  • students will be able to bring snacks, lunch, and water bottles from home; water and personal snacks can be enjoyed in the classrooms with teacher permission

  • water fountains will be closed except for the use of the bottle-filler to replenish individual water bottles; all students are encouraged to bring a personal water bottle to school each day


  • until further notice, our athletic program will continue to follow the North Carolina Independent School Athletic Association (NCISAA) recommendations and requirements for practices and all athletic activities

  • we will not be able to mix cohorts at this time; this requires a more rigid approach to athletic team participation as we begin the school year – as such middle school athletics will be strictly comprised of grades 6-8 and JV and Varsity athletics will be strictly comprised of grades 9-12


  • school vehicles will be used, primarily for Junior Varsity and Varsity athletic teams, when the academic year begins

  • parents are encouraged to personally transport their child to away games (or other approved events) whenever possible

  • any student passengers in a school vehicle must be assigned to the same cohort (no mixing of cohorts permitted)

  • everyone riding in a school vehicle (van or bus) will be required to wear a face covering while in the vehicle

  • school vehicles will be disinfected and sealed between each trip away from camp


  • Chapel is a vital part of student life at the Academy, but we are not currently able to have mass gatherings in our gymnasium

  • even so, our teachers will continue to uplift our children in His name and share His word with them in our smaller group classroom settings each day

  • we will continue to evaluate and work toward a more accommodating plan for Chapel as the school year progresses


  • all extended care will be indefinitely suspended — necessary to help us maintain the integrity of our student cohort group

  • lower school students with middle/upper siblings can remain in their classrooms until 3:00 dismissal