Easing Virtual Environment Transitions for Students

Change is difficult for everyone, but in the midst of a global pandemic, it is even more challenging as students and parents cope with not only moving to a virtual environment but also other interesting challenges. To help ease this transition as a student, consider a few tips professional teleworkers utilize to ensure an efficient and productive day.

Create a routine

Routine doesn't necessarily mean starting at 7:30am but it does mean creating a schedule that allows you to set your mind to what needs to be accomplished during the day.

Getting up and getting ready should be part of the routine. Putting on clothes, brushing teeth, and fixing hair are all signals to your body that you are ready for the day. These signals helps align your focus to the tasks for the day.

Printable Schedule

Calendar Blocking

Routines can begin at any time during the day but just like professional teleworkers, this routine has to be planned around live sessions such as Google Meet sessions. Start by using a planner or printable organizer (such as the one to the left) to block these times first.

Complete a To Do list with the items that you have due first. Ways to accomplish this are looking in your Google Classroom, in your Classwork feed, the To Do list feature, and the Calendar feature.

Taking 15-30 minutes at the start of each day to plan our your schedule will ensure that you don't miss vital information and assignments from your teachers.

Environment Matters

While it is tempting to curl up on the bed to complete our work, that signals to our brain a relaxing signal rather than a focus signal. Set up a place at a table or desk that is comfortable and allows space for your laptop, books, writing, and of course, our last topic. Gather your materials including pencils and pens to prevent having to interrupt your train of thought. Some students even find that headphones with white noise is helpful to drown out the everyday house noises or their brothers and sisters.

Snack Time!

Our last topic covers fueling your body for peak performance. Being at home for an extended period means we graze like cows in a new field, opening cabinets and the refrigerator multiple times a day just to see what new has appeared. Instead, challenge yourself to deliberately plan your meals and snacks with quality protein, carbohydrates, and plenty of hydration to keep your brain functioning at its optimum level.

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