July 18, 2020 Parent Letter

Dear Eagle Families,

We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe, doing well, and enjoying the warm, but beautiful summer season. The COVID Committee is continuing to expand and develop our “Welcome Back Eagle Plan” and taking measures to reduce the risk of spread when we reopen campus on August 19th. 

Most importantly, the Academy is offering REMOTE INSTRUCTION for all grade levels to families who choose that option. Teachers will provide synchronous lessons at specific times during the school day. This effort and capability are currently focused on supporting core classes, but faculty and staff are also working diligently to accomplish the same with electives and specials that are practically well suited for remote instruction. Families who intend to begin the academic year with remote instruction must notify the Head of School in writing by August 1st so that the particular plan for these students can be assessed and developed prior to the beginning of school.  It is important to note that the remote instruction option is not a convenience option, but rather is being offered to accommodate families who have health safety concerns regarding instruction and activities on campus. We fully respect those concerns and while conditions may develop to allow more flexibility later in the year, students in the remote learning accommodation are not to be on campus for any reason without specific approval of the Head of School.

The COVID Committee met on Monday, July 13, to continue to develop the STUDENT GROUP SEPARATION PLAN on campus. The Committee currently believes that the following two-layer strategy will assist with reducing virus spread and will help limit disruption of on-campus instruction as much as possible when a symptomatic or COVID event occurs:​

  • Layer #1 – The campus will be physically divided into 3 to 4 zones

  • Each student will be assigned and restricted to that zone

  • Each student will be provided a daily, color-coded, disposable wrist band matched to their zone to help staff recognize whenever a student is not in their designated zone. Band colors will change daily.

  • Temporary posts and roping will be installed on campus to help define the physical zones – do not envision fencing or something unsightly; rather a helpful reminder tool for students of where to be and where not to be.

  • Layer #2 – All students will be assigned to a “cohort” group, and we are working hard to establish as many of these “bubbles” as we can:

  • A cohort will be mainly comprised of a group of students who spend their day together – for example, students who are in the same classroom for instruction would be in the same cohort

  • The Team is working with local pediatricians to develop a plan for handling symptomatic or COVID cases. This plan will present unique challenges and circumstances and some level of continued customization as more information develops surrounding the virus, but we feel this two-layer student separation approach will give us a greater opportunity to continue on-campus instruction for the greatest number of students when a symptomatic or COVID event occurs.

Earlier Communication referenced a DAILY TEMPERATURE/SYMPTOM CHECK PLAN. The Academy has continued to develop the following plan, and will later send a more detailed communication on this, but all students and staff will be health screened and have their temperature checked upon arrival to campus each day:

  • Staff with proper PPE will check temperatures and symptoms of each student at the point of drop off before exiting vehicles each day using handheld, contactless, infrared forehead thermometers.

  • Anyone exhibiting symptoms or registering a reading of 100.4 or greater will not be permitted to remain on campus; students with such readings will need to return home and participate in remote learning if well enough to do so.

  • Students with temperature readings under this threshold and not exhibiting symptoms will be given a color-coded, disposable, daily armband to indicate a successful temperature check. The colors will change daily and will also indicate the zone on campus to which they are assigned.

We always enjoy having our parents and visitors on campus. Unfortunately, this will not be possible at this time. The Committee is developing the following RESTRICTED ACCESS TO CAMPUS PLAN that will be in effect day one:

  • Effective 8/19, access to the Academy will be restricted to only Academy staff, administrators, students, and approved essential service providers who will be allowed on campus or inside of buildings.

  • The obvious exception to this will be parents and guardians dropping off and picking up students each school day. In those cases, it is requested that you remain inside your vehicles in the drop-off and pick up areas. We are all social in nature and love our Academy and our staff, but for that very reason, we all need to respect and abide by these restrictions.

  • We will revisit these restrictions further as the plan regarding athletics becomes more clear and also as the health safety environment evolves further in our larger community.

Students, faculty, and staff returning to campus will no doubt notice quite a bit of special signs and notices posted throughout campus.  The following SIGNAGE PLAN will offer visual cues providing reminders to faculty and students to follow safety protocols:

  • Reminders to wash and sanitize hands.  The campus will offer hand sanitation stations throughout campus. 

  • Reminders to cover your cough or sneeze.

  • Instructions to distance.  Although we cannot always implement social distancing at the recommended 6-foot distance on our modest campus, we hope to mitigate risk by reminding students to safely space apart. 

  • Directions to temperature/symptom check stations. 

  • Directions on where to go and not go.

  • Zones, cohorts, and individuals permitted in each zone will be delineated by signs and roping.  

  • Station signs for student late check-in and early check-out 


As you can imagine, the Academy budget for 2020-2021 is stretched given the extraordinary expenses and measures (including a robust facility sanitation plan) taken to deal with COVID-19. We are in need of multiple picnic tables and shade for our students to distance and eat outside on pretty days. If you would like to contribute or lend the Academy such items or make a financial donation to the Academy to assist with these needs it would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact the Academy office if you are in a position to assist at 910-897-5423.

A great deal of work has been accomplished by the Committee, but we realize that much work remains. We thank you for your continued support as we work diligently to provide the answers that everyone in our Academy community needs to know in order to be prepared for the 2020-2021 academic year. We do humbly ask you to join our team in praying for protection, wisdom, guidance, and provision as we prepare to welcome our students back to our campus. In the words of the inimitable, and incredible matriarch of CFCA in years past, Mrs. “Lib” Daniels, “Patience is a virtue, sayeth the Lord.”  

We will continue to keep you updated as the start of the academic year approaches. On behalf of the Academy’s leadership and its wonderful faculty, we thank you for your support, love, and care for Cape Fear Christian Academy.

In His service,

COVID-19 Committee

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