July 24, 2020 Parent Letter

Dear Eagle Families,

We hope this letter finds you and your loved ones safe, doing well, and enjoying the remainder of the summer season. The COVID Committee is continuing to expand and develop our “Welcome Back Eagle Plan” and taking measures to reduce the risk of spread when we reopen campus on August 19th.

This letter is our 4th installment of communications to families regarding school operations for the 2020-2021 school year.

Our previous communications have covered a range of topics, including:

  • our continued commitment to offer both on-campus and remote instruction starting August 19th

  • an aggressive plan for cleaning and disinfecting our facilities throughout the year

  • a 2-layered strategy to keep student groups separated: the campus will be zoned/restricted, and students will be assigned to cohort groups

  • daily temperature/symptom check process (more details to come)

  • campus access restrictions – only students, staff, administrators and approved service vendors; an exception will be student drop off areas (parents and guardians are to remain in vehicles)

  • special campus signage: reminders and directions

This 4th communication (but certainly not final) is intended to add to this growing list of clarifications so that as many questions as possible are answered prior to the academic year.

As previously communicated, and as an essential reminder, families who intend to begin the academic year with remote instruction must notify the Head of School in writing by August 1st so that the particular plan for these students can be assessed and developed before the beginning of school. Whether your family chooses to join us for on-campus instruction or through our virtual-only option, we are committed to providing an effective academic program for all students.

All of us have had our lives disrupted and inconvenienced since the novel coronavirus emerged in our area in March. Our committee has been working hard to plan for the unique health safety concerns for the upcoming academic year while also considering the hardship and disruption that operational changes at the school may create for families. The operational start-up of the 2020-2021 academic year is going to be quite different than years past - it is simply unavoidable. Our committee will continue to make decisions that we think are necessary to enable us to deliver instruction to all our students with the least amount of disruption to that instruction during the academic year. To do this, however, requires that some of our traditional offerings and operations be altered or suspended. We apologize for the inconvenience and hardship such changes may create and ask for patience with them as we continue to work hard to balance the many competing factors in play while this virus is in our midst.


  • all extended care will be indefinitely suspended — necessary to help us maintain the integrity of our student cohort groups

  • lower school students with middle/upper siblings can remain in their classrooms until 3:00 dismissal


  • The Lower School (pre-k - 4) day will begin at 7:40 a.m. Students can arrive on campus at 7:15. Students will depart campus by 2:20 p.m. unless students are waiting for middle/upper school siblings.

  • The Middle/Upper School (5-12) day will begin at 8:15. Students can arrive on campus at 7:15. Students will depart campus by 3:00 p.m. unless participating in extracurricular activities (athletics, tutoring, etc.).


  • 3-day fall break is being eliminated this year

  • these three days will be added and as an extension on the end of Christmas break


  • there will be no mass open house program prior to the beginning of the school

  • instead, the head of school and teachers will pursue remote/virtual orientation programs and start-up instruction to ensure preparedness prior to the beginning of classes


  • grades K4 and K5 will eat in the cafeteria or on the steps of the Kindergarten building.

  • grades 1-5 grade will eat in classrooms or at the picnic tables on the playground (weather permitting)

  • grades 6-8 will eat in classrooms or at picnic tables near the soccer field area (weather permitting)

  • grades 9 -12 will eat in classrooms or at picnic tables adjacent to the upper school building (weather permitting)

  • seating arrangements will be designed with social distancing in mind, while still allowing students the positive social experience to interact with peers

  • students will be able to bring snacks, lunch, and water bottles from home; water and personal snacks can be eaten in the classrooms with teacher permission

  • water fountains will be closed except for the use of the bottle-filler to replenish individual water bottles; all students are encouraged to bring a personal water bottle to school each day


  • Chapel is a vital part of student life at the Academy, but we are not currently able to have mass gatherings in our gymnasium

  • even so, our teachers will continue to uplift our children in His name and share His word with them in our smaller group classroom settings each and every day

  • as with many other important aspects of school life, we will continue to evaluate and work toward a more accommodating plan for Chapel as the school year progresses


  • all off-campus learning opportunities will be indefinitely suspended

  • as we strive to maintain a safe and healthy campus, it is necessary to temporarily limit instruction to on-campus or digital options


  • until further notice, our athletic program will continue to follow the North Carolina Independent School Athletic Association (NCISAA) recommendations and requirements for practices and all athletic activities

  • the NCISAA is likely to continue to issue guidance throughout the school year; at this time we remain in Stage 2 of the NCISAA Summer Guidelines

  • we will not be able to mix cohorts at this time; this will, unfortunately, require a more rigid approach to athletic team participation as we begin the school year – as such middle school athletics will be strictly comprised of grades 6-8 and JV and Varsity athletics will be strictly comprised of grades 9-12. We will continue to evaluate a possible exception plan for low-risk transmission sports such as cross-country, tennis, and swim


  • all should be advised that the plan noted below is subject to change as we approach the school year

  • parents and guardians are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that students have a face covering with them when they arrive at school each day

  • until further notice, face coverings must be worn by all CFCA students when outside of their classrooms and moving about campus during the school day (the exception being during lunch and snack times with their cohort group) – examples include during class changes, when in hallways and when in locker rooms and bathrooms

  • lower school students will not be required at this time to wear face coverings during instruction in their assigned classroom or while enjoying recess with their designated cohort group

  • middle and upper school students will be required to wear face coverings during the school day when social distancing cannot be achieved when completing close-proximity group assignments with fellow students and at the request of individual teachers during classroom instruction


  • VERY IMPORTANT NOTE – while we are working diligently to utilize our modest facility best to foster social distancing on campus, our families who plan for their students to return to on-campus instruction must do so with the full understanding that 6 feet social distancing, particularly in our classrooms but throughout campus, will not be feasible in many instances

  • classrooms will be arranged to provide as much distance as possible between individuals

  • scheduling in grades K through 5 will allow for students to remain with one group of peers, and opportunities for cross-interaction will be limited

  • outside fields and playgrounds will be used when weather permits

  • opportunities for physical exercise is a must for younger students; recess will operate on static schedules with only one classroom in a designated space at a time


As mentioned in our last communication, we need a lot of picnic tables, tents, and shade for our kids to distance and eat outside on pretty days. If you would like to contribute or lend the academy such items or make a financial donation to assist with these needs it would be much appreciated – please contact the office if you are in a position to assist – 910-897-5423.

Our goal at Cape Fear Christian Academy remains the same – to provide a Christ-centered, academically challenging education. Isaiah 41:10 says, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” We covet your prayers as we continue to trust God for guidance. We will continue to keep you updated on our planning as the start of the academic year approaches, so please be on the lookout for additional communications in the coming weeks.

In His Service,

COVID-19 Committee

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