July 30, 2020 Parent Letter

Good Evening, Eagles,

We are getting so excited as we count down the days to the beginning of our school year! Many of the teachers are back on campus, and getting each of their classrooms ready for our students.

We had requested that our families notify the Academy if they are intending to learn remotely by August 1, 2020. We will extend this deadline to August 3, to allow for the weekend. We have heard from a few of our families, and look forward to working with each of you in the coming weeks to deliver this option.

I felt it important to let each of you know that this is not a permanent commitment, but a choice to remain a digital part of the classroom for each 4 ½ week grading period. If a family determines at the end of the grading period that they would like to change their commitment, they are welcome to email me at headmaster@cfcaeagles.com.

Please keep the following dates in mind for ongoing mode change notifications: 8/1, 9/18, 10/23, 12/4, and 1/22. The advance notice will help us to eliminate any confusion and will give us the opportunity to plan accordingly with our class rosters and schedules.

We do realize that special circumstances regarding remote learning elections will arise this year. We want to assure you that these circumstances will each be thoughtfully considered throughout the school year.

We will continue to keep you informed as we move closer to the start of school. Enjoy your weekend!

Warmest regards,

Karen W. Parker, Head of School

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